Liberty Partnership Program

The Liberty Partnerships Rising Stars Program (LPRSP) at the University at Albany was created to address the academic, career, social, and emotional needs of youth, and encourage them to complete their secondary education. LPRSP collaborates with the City School District of Albany (CSDA), community-based organizations, and local businesses to promote academic achievement, foster leadership, socio-emotional well-being, and civic engagement among youth. The program serves youth in grade 6-12 within the CSDA, and provides in-school services at Albany High School, Edmund J. O’Neal Middle School of Excellence, Tony Clement Center for Education, and Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School. LPRSP utilizes a holistic approach to promote positive youth development working closely with teachers and parents as needed. LPP also works in collaboration with the City of Albany’s Department of Youth and Workforce Services to provide high school students paid internships during a five-week Summer Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy emphasizes professional/career development, communication skills, computer skills, team building, and community service projects.