Graduate Program


The Graduate Program in Spanish at the University at Albany provides graduate students with a rigorous critical foundation and a solid grounding in the principal texts, interpretations and theories concerning the literature, culture and linguistics of the Spanish speaking world. It affords students ample opportunity for interdisciplinary work. Since 1971, when the doctoral program was started, it has graduated more than 50 students with a PhD degree.

One of the first faculty members of the University to have the title of Distinguished Professor was Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, the Spanish novelist. He was followed as Distinguished Professor by Raúl Castignino, the Argentine literary critic, and Manuel Alvar, the Spanish linguist who, prior to his retirement in 1998, had also been President of the Real Academia Española. Other well-known faculty members have included Germán Bleiberg, the Spanish poet, and José Rubial, the Spanish dramatist. International conferences have been held with invited speakers such as Dámaso Alonso, Ernesto Sábato and Sánchez Barbudo.

In addition to the general University requirements for admission to graduate study, the applicant’s undergraduate preparation should be preferably in the liberal arts with a major in Spanish. Applicants with preparation in other fields may be accepted on the condition that any deficiencies be addressed. At the time of admission, a student should have excellent command of Spanish. Decisions on admission are based on all available information: undergraduate record, letters of recommendation, and a writing sample in Spanish. While applications to the program are continuously accepted, students are encouraged to apply early. LLC Spanish Graduate Program brochure.

Teaching Assistantships and fellowships are available to students enrolled in the PhD program on a competitive basis and determined by the applicant’s academic record, recommendations, foreign language proficiency, and scholarly promise. In addition there may be part-time positions in the form of lectureships. Students wishing to be considered for a teaching assistantship should apply before March 1.


Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Spanish (30 credits minimum)

1 year Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Spanish (30 credits minimum)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Spanish (30 credits beyond the MA)