photo Guards changing, Red Square, Moscow- photo by A Stephens
 Changing of the guard- Lenin's tomb in Red Square

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Timothy Sergay, Associate Professor (PhD, Yale University) 20th century Russian poetry, especially Pasternak and Blok; Silver Age culture in general; translation theory and criticism; theory and practice of verse translation; Russian religious philosophy; the Russian “guitar poets” of the 1960s to the present day website

Affiliated Faculty

Nadieszda Kizenko, Associate Professor, History Department (PhD, Columbia University), Russian history, cultural history, religion in history website


Irina Holden, Senior Assistant Librarian, website

Faculty Emeriti

Henryk Baran, O'Leary Professor (PhD, Harvard University), CV
Toby W. Clyman
, Professor (PhD - New York University)
Rodney L. Patterson, Associate Professor (PhD - University of California, Los Angeles)
Charles Rougle, Associate Professor (PhD, University of Stockholm)
Alex M. Shane, Professor (PhD - University of California, Berkeley)