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Degree Requirements for the Major in Russian (for current majors)

General Program BA:   A minimum of 36 credits of Russian language (above A Rus 102L), literature, or culture courses. Two alternative tracks lead to the degree: (A) Language, (B) Literature and Culture. Each program consists of a common core of 28 credits plus at least 8 credits in the area of concentration.


Core Program (28 credits)

Language:  A Rus 201 (5), 202 (5), 301 (3), 302 (3), 312 (3) (19 credits).

Literature and Culture:   Three courses, at least one of which in literature, from among A Rus 251, 252, 253, 161Z, 162Z, 280 or as advised by the Director of Undergraduate Studies (9 credits).

Area Concentration:   (8 credits)

(A) Language: A Rus 311 (3) plus 5 credits in Russian language courses or in literature courses taught in Russian at the 300 level or above.

(B) Literature and Culture: A Rus 311 (3), at least one course in Russian literature at the 300 level or above, and at least one course as advised from among A Rus 380 (3), A His 354 (3), 355 (3), A Pos 354 (3) 356 (3), 452Z (3) or other courses.



As of 3/24/11 the University at Albany’s president discontinued the Russian major. As a result students cannot declare a new major in Russian.

Students may individually request the creation of a student-initiated interdisciplinary major in Russian. Interested students should contact a faculty member in the Russian program to begin the process as soon as possible. Contact the LLC office at 442-4222 or 442-4100 if questions.


Degree Requirements for the Minor in Russian

Minor requirements include a minimum of 18 graduation credits in courses with A RUS prefix as advised with at least 9 credits in course work at the 300 level or above and/or in courses requiring at least one prerequisite course.

Undergraduate Language Placement

Experience indicates that students with one year of high school Russian will usually place in A Rus 101 or 102, with two years in A Rus 102, with three years in A Rus 102 or 201, and with four years in A Rus 201. Placement is contingent upon an active assessment of language skills made by the instructor in the course no later than the second class or in consultation with the undergraduate program director.

A student may not earn graduation credit for a course in a language sequence if it is a prerequisite to a course for which graduation credit has already been earned.

Students earning advanced placement credits from high school, and those earning credits in the University at Albany's University in High School Program, will be expected to register for the next course in the language sequence.

Transfer students are expected to register for the next level course in the language sequence. Placement is contingent upon an active assessment of language skills made by the instructor in the course no later than the second class or in consultation with the undergraduate program director.

Teacher Education Program

The University at Albany no longer offers a teacher certification program in Russian. Questions concerning teacher certification in other languages should be referred to the Department of Educational Theory and Practice in the School of Education.


Advice on Study Abroad Options for Russian

Consider SUNY’s own study abroad options for Russian study at Moscow State University:

Two new summer study-abroad options for Russian are available to UAlbany students through the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES),, and the Baltic Center for Educational and Academic Development, in Riga, Latvia, These two interrelated programs, both the Moscow-based one and the Riga-based one, offer opportunities for homestay accommodations and internships, as well as English-language instruction in “topics” courses alongside classroom-based Russian-language training appropriate for your level. You can choose either Moscow or Riga or even combine the two locations, studying four weeks in Riga, then four weeks in Moscow or vice-versa. Please visit the indicated sites. For further guidance, write Vice Rector and Director of International Projects for the MSSES Alexander Abashkin at or Contact Professor Sergay ( for related pamphlets and brochures, while supplies last. Please give these two programs serious consideration: they offer everything you need to get your elementary or intermediate Russian-language and cultural training onto a genuinely preprofessional track.



For a complete listing and descriptions of Russian undergraduate courses offered at the University at Albany, please visit the online Undergraduate Bulletin. A variety of courses are also taught in English for those interested in literature and culture courses (the Undergraduate Bulletin listings indicate when the course is conducted in English).

Courses being currently offered in the program may be found on this website under Classes and Schedules.

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