Morrocan crafts
 Morrocan crafts

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Other Languages Offered

Arabic- German- Hebrew- Latin- LLC

LLC regularly offers a variety of language courses in addition to French, Italian, Russian and Spanish, including: Arabic, German, Hebrew and Latin.

We also offer LLC courses, which not only cover language and/or culture, but may cross several languages.

Majors or minors not currently offered in LLC may be pursued though a self-initiated Interdisciplinary Studies major or minor through the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies (518-442-5821). Contact the LLC Office or a faculty member in the language you’re interested in for more information and for help in initiating these majors/minors. 

For a complete listing and descriptions of undergraduate language courses offered in LLC, visit the Undergraduate Bulletin listings for Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Not all courses will be offered every semester. Visit our current class schedule for more information.

In addition, some of these languages also offer:


A minor in Hebrew consists of a minimum of 18 graduation credits in course work with an A HEB prefix above the 102 level. Students who begin with A HEB 101 and/or 102 must complete 15 graduation credits above the 102 level. No more than 4 credits of A HEB 450 may be applied to the minor. The University also offers a program in Judaic Studies.