photo: LLC faculty and guest speaker E. Morales Diaz

Commencement 2013

LLC Recognition Ceremony- May 18

photo: Guest Speaker Enrique Morales Diaz and LLC Chair Lotfi Sayahi


Professor Enrique Morales Diaz of Westfield University (guest speaker) and Professor Lotfi Sayahi, (Spanish)


French major Souad Mekhaldi, Professors Jean-François Brière (French) and Eloise Brière (French) and French major Kamilla Hussein

photo: S. Mekhaldi-JF Briere-E Briere and Kamilla Hussein


Professor Lotfi Sayahi (Spanish) presents the Spanish Teaching Assistant Award to Ashley LaBoda (Spanish PhD)

photo: Ashley Laboda accepts award

photo: Lesley Tolentino and Katterin Sanchez



French major Lesley Tolentino and Spanish major Katterin Sanchez



Spanish MA graduates Whitney Bennett and Jesus Martinez Gomez

photo: Whitney Bennett and Jesus Martinez Gomez

Professors Olimpia Pelosi (Italian), Timothy Sergay (Russian) and Maurice Westmoreland (Spanish)

photo: O. Pelosi, T. Sergay and M. Westmoreland

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