photo: Spanish MA graduates


Commencement 2013

LLC Recognition Ceremony- May 18




Spanish major Sherez Mohamed

photo: Sherez Mohamed

photo: Eloise Briere, Ilka Kressner and Nelson Flores


Professors Eloise Brière (French), Ilka Kressner (Spanish) and Spanish MA graduate Nelson Flores




Russian major Stephanie Elko

photo:Stephanie Elko
photo: Congratulations cake






Spanish major Wade Shute

photo: Wade Shute

photo-Lotfi Sayahi and Primo Stropoli


Professor Lotfi Sayahi (Spanish), chair of LLC presented the Anthony Gisolfi Memorial Award to Italian major, Primo Stropoli

photo: Mylene Assi


German student, Mylene Assi, recipient of the Eleanor Bazzoni 1906 Fellowship Award



photo: K HusseinCommencement Speech - Kamilla Hussein







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