• Nicholas James Figueroa


    PhD (2017) - Spanish

    Dr. Figueroa has taken a position as a High School Spanish Teacher at Uncommon Leadership Charter High School in Brooklyn, NY. Additionally he is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spanish at Bronx Community College in Bronx, NY.  His dissertation “Variation in /ɾ/ Outcomes in the Speech of U.S.-Born Puerto Rican and Dominican Heritage Spanish Speakers” focused on the Caribbean Heritage Speakers’ variable pronunciation of liquids in syllable final position.  His areas of interests and teaching interests include the following: Spanish Linguistics with a concentration in Heritage Studies, Caribbean Dialectology, Contact Linguistics, Bilingualism, Caribbean Spanish Phonology and Latin American/Caribbean Studies.


    “Yo no estudio para saber más, sino para ignorar menos,”- Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

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