• Cecily Corbett

    Cecily Corbett

    PhD (2017) - Spanish



    Cecily graduated with a PhD in Spanish Linguistics in 2017. Her work and research focus on Spanish sociolinguistics, with a specific interest in Spanish in the United States. Her dissertation  addresses the phenomenon of accommodation—a process by which a speaker adjusts the characteristics of their speech in response to those of the individual he or she is interacting with—during interactions between native and nonnative speakers of Spanish.


    Currently, Cecily is a Lecturer teaching Elementary and Intermediate undergraduate courses in Spanish, and is building the University at Albany Corpus of New York Dominican Spanish with Lotfi Sayahi.


    During her graduate studies at the University at Albany, Cecily received the Dissertation Research Fellowship Award (2016-2017) from the Dean of Graduate Education and the Excellence in Teaching by a Spanish TA Award (2015-2016) from the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.


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