• photo alumnus Robert Shand

    Robert Shand

    BA (2005)- Spanish and History

    Mr. Shand graduated in May 2005 with a dual major in Spanish language and U.S. History (and a 4.0 GPA in Spanish, with very close to a 4.0 overall). He pursued a career as a Social Studies teacher, first at a middle school in the Bronx through Teach for America, and then at a Transitional Bilingual High School for recent Latino immigrants in Manhattan. He says his classes in Spanish "deepened my knowledge of and appreciation for language in general, and the field of linguistics in particular, and have informed my work as a teacher of English-language Learners since".

    After 5 years of teaching, Mr. Shand is now pursuing an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in Economics and Education at Columbia University, through Teachers College. He would like to work in research on educational policy, particularly as it affects immigrants and other working-class students in urban areas, in relation to the most effective educational interventions, the "best" post-secondary options,and the employment opportunities and civic engagement of students after graduation.

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