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    Joseph Serio

    BA (1986) - Russian

    After graduating with a double-major BA in Russian and Political Science from UAlbany, Dr. Serio pursued the Masters in Criminal Justice at the University of Illinois, where he accepted a year-long internship in the Organized Crime Control Department of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) (1990-91). 

    Later he worked as an independent consultant in Moscow (1993-1995) and as a consultant to the global corporate investigation and business intelligence firm, New York-based Kroll Associates (1995-1997).  He was subsequently appointed Director of Kroll’s Moscow office, overseeing investigations across the former USSR.  He helped U.S. and European companies avoid the pitfalls of operating in Russia and when they got into trouble, his job was to coordinate solutions.  He also assisted the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in understanding more about the Russian "mafia.”

    Dr. Serio earned a PhD in Criminal Justice (Sam Houston State University-TX), writing his dissertation on law enforcement perceptions of the Russian mafia in the U.S. and Canada.  His interest in this topic flowed directly from his time studying Russian in Albany.  In his words, “Quite simply, studying Russian at Albany did nothing less than change my life.  I stumbled accidentally onto the major in Slavic Languages and Literature, and, once hooked, learning about Russia consumed most of my attention." 

    "Over the past 25 years, my course of study at Albany has impacted every aspect of my life, personal and professional. Everything in my life since 1986 has been possible because of that one fateful decision.  It has provided a very fulfilling life for me personally. ..”

    Dr. Serio has published Investigating the Russian Mafia (Carolina Academic Press 2008), given lectures at universities and police agencies, and is currently in discussions with Hollywood about a feature film depicting his activities investigating the Russian mafia in the 1990s.

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