• photo- William Meredith

    William Meredith

    BA (2008)- History (Honors) and French, MA (2010) Secondary Education, MA (2010) Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology

    Having thoroughly enjoyed his years as an undergraduate at UAlbany, William Meredith decided to stay at the university and pursue graduate studies.  After completing both MA degrees he began teaching French courses at SUNY Delhi.  As an instructor of French, Mr. Meredith appreciates the opportunity to share his knowledge of and passion for French language, culture, and history that he developed as a French major at UAlbany. 
    Studying French not only helped him develop the skills necessary for his current career but also with his graduate studies.  Now pursuing a Master’s degree in History and a PhD in Educational Administration and Policy Studies at UAlbany, he found that his French literature courses provided him with his first real experience in dissecting texts and truly understanding the many factors that influenced the texts.  Additionally, the many conversations and presentations he experienced while a student in the department allowed him to gain a better concept of public speaking, whether in English or in French.

    Reflecting on his French studies, Mr. Meredith writes, “The French department’s focus on the francophone world opened my eyes to many political, social, cultural, and economic insights that I have used in conversations, classroom instruction, academic research, and everyday life.  As a young student from a rural area, the French department opened my eyes to many new ideas and concepts that helped me to develop both as a student and as a person.   As a long-time student at UAlbany, I take great pride in my alma mater, but I take even greater pride in the French department and its outstanding faculty and staff who fostered and developed my skills both as a student and as a citizen." 

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