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Language acquisition and cultural knowledge go hand-in-hand. Communicating in another language involves not only learning to use the lexicon and grammatical structures appropriately, but also understanding a community's cultural history, social patterns, and most important literary and artistic products, understanding how that language’s users think, feel, and view the world. LLC offers a wide range of courses that provide students an enhanced communicative ability in another language with a knowledge and appreciation of the various cultures specific to its speakers. LLC is committed to bringing the "World Within Reach" for UAlbany students.

LLC offers the following:

Spanish PhD
Spanish MA
Spanish MA in 1 Year
Spanish Combined BA/MA
MajorsSpanish (French, Italian and Russian are not currently accepting new majors, but students may request a self-initiated interdisciplinary major-see below)
Minors French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
and also courses in:   Arabic, German, Latin, and Languages Literatures and Cultures (LLC courses combine languages/cultures and are taught in English)

Students wishing to major in French, Italian or Russian Studies may do so by declaring a student-initiated interdisciplinary major as below.


Student-initiated Interdisciplinary Major

Students may request the creation of a student-initiated interdisciplinary major or minor (see forms at the bottom of the linked page) in languages that do not currently have a formal major or minor. Interested students should contact a faculty member in the language program of interest to begin the process as soon as possible. Contact the LLC Office at 518-442-4100 if questions.

What’s required:

  1. a minimum of 36 credits for majors or 18 credits for minors
  2. at least one course outside the language of interest (should be supplemental to the major/minor language coursework)
  3.  2 faculty sponsors for the major (one in the language program and one in another department in which the student is taking coursework for that degree) or 1 language faculty sponsor for the minor
  4. a written proposal from the student with a proposed schedule of classes to be taken to complete the degree (for courses currently being offered: https://www.albany.edu/registrar/schedule-of-classes.php, for courses available at the university: https://www.albany.edu/undergraduate_bulletin/cas.html -- note: not all courses are offered every semester--check with the departments about upcoming offerings)
  5. a rationale from the student why a separate student-initiated interdisciplinary degree is needed and why the courses outlined by the student were chosen
  6. the student should meet with the sponsor to discuss and finalize the proposal
  7. the completed proposal must be submitted to Undergraduate Studies in LC30 to be reviewed and approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee

The PhD Foreign Language Translation Exam

The PhD Foreign Language Translation Exam is offered twice each year (usually November and April). The next exam will be November 4, 7pm in HU290 (6pm for Advanced Competency examinees). Read the announcement here. Frequently asked questions about the exam and Guidelines for the exam are available at these links.