Requirements for Major in Linguistics

 I. 36 Credit Requirement

Course description from the University Bulletin

A. Core Linguistics courses (16 credits)

    A LIN 220 (3 credits) "Intro to Linguistics" (No Prerequisites)
    A LIN 321 (3 credits) "Intro to Syntax" (Pre: 220Y)
    A LIN 322 (3 credits) "Intro to Phonology" (Pre: 220Y)
    A LIN 429 (4 credits) "Field Methods" (Pre: 321 or 322)

    one of:

    A LIN 421 (3 credits) "Advanced Syntax" (Pre: 321)
    A LIN 422 (3 credits) "Advanced Phonolgy" (Pre: 322)

B.*Year Foregin Language (credits vary depending on Language)
LIN 289 credit can only be used to fulfill this requirement)

1st semester
2nd semester

C.Electives (10-22 credits depending on Foreign Language credit in B.
These courses may either be LIN courses, or be taken from the 
"Approved Elective List" below)

300 level or above
Elective 2
Elective 3
(Elective 4)
(Elective 5)

Approved Elective List

Ant 424; Clc 125; Com 373, 465; Csi 101Y, 201Y, 310; Eng 311Y, 312Y; Fre 306, 406, 450; Ger 312Y, 400; Heb 203Y; Phi 210Y,332Y, 415, 432Y; Por 402; Psy 301, 365Y, 381; Spn 305, 402, 405;one of the following: Gog 396Y, Mat 108Y, Psy 210, or Soc 221Y

II. *Language Proficiency

Students must show competency through the 4th semester level.  This can be accomplished by actually taking the 4th semester of a language (here or at another college), or showing equivalent competency through an appropriate examination.  Any credits earned in fulfilling this requirement do NOT count toward the "36 Credit Requirement." Students whose first language is not English may be exempt from this requirement (contact the Program Director).

* The languages used for "Year Foreign Language" and "Language Proficiency" must be of "radically different structures."  Any two languages which are completely unrelated historically will qualify.  Using two languages within the same language family would need to be approved by the department.  A student may also fulfill the "Year Foreign Language" requirement by taking LIN 423 "Language Area Structure."