Scientific Director for the Life Sciences

Dr. Albert Millis is Professor of Biological Sciences at the University at Albany and has been active in the development of the scientific program for the University at Albany's Life Sciences Research Initiative since its inception and in the recruitment of a new cadre of life scientists to the University at Albany and the College of Arts and Sciences. He was appointed Scientific Director in 2005.

Dr. Millis' research has been focused on investigations of gene expression and gene regulation in cells of the cardiovascular wall and other tissues and currently on the use of small RNAs to target disease dependent molecules and to deliver therapeutic molecules to cellular targets. In 2002 he received the “Inventor of the Year Award” from the New York Intellectual Property Law Association for his patent on “Compositions and Methods for Altering Cell Migration”. His work exploits the latest genomic and proteomics data provided by large-scale international gene sequencing projects to identify genes whose expression profile may represent a target for treating disease. A specific goal of his current research is the creation of specific therapeutic reagents designed to block the process of vascular and cancer cell migration that contributes to occlusive vascular disease and metastasis.

Dr. Millis received the Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), postdoctoral training at the University of Washington School of Medicine (Seattle) and was a Senior Scientist in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Renato Dulbecco at the Salk Institute for Biological studies (La Jolla). Dr. Millis is a founder of the University at Albany's Center for Comparative Functional Genomics and has served as a consultant for the NIH-National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and National Cancer Institute.