More Information on Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Student Learning Objectives Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Bachelor of Arts

  • Understand Women's Studies as an academic field of study and research.
  • Understand and use intersectional feminist analysis to explore the bases of social inequalities.
  • Understand what it means to place women at the center of knowledge-making and of discourse across disciplinary boundaries.
  • Understand how feminist pedagogy may be different from other forms of teaching and learning.
  • Understand the dynamic relationship between Women's Studies scholarship and feminist social action.


Master of Arts

  • Bridge intellectual content with practice and activism in diverse communities and professions.
  • Gain advanced knowledge in one specialty area:
    • transnational and critical race feminisms and global sexualities;
    • feminist science and technology studies, with a focus on information and communication technologies, and/or biomedicine and health; or
    • women and public policy.