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Student Learning Objectives Music & Theatre

Bachelor of Arts, Music

Unless otherwise indicated, these objectives apply to the General (36 credit) music major. Each objective pertains to a different aspect of the curriculum (i.e., theory, history/musicology, performance, composition).
  • Demonstrate fluency in reading and writing musical notation and analyzing the formal structure and technical language of composition.
  • Be able to identify the major composers and repertory of each style period in European music history and to discuss the cultural and political context of each era.
  • Acquire specific knowledge of music as a form of artistic and cultural expression through examination of diverse repertories (i.e., beyond European art music).
  • Demonstrate basic performance skills at the keyboard, sight-singing, and in ensemble. Departmental concentrators apply the technical and interpretive skills necessary for effective solo performance on an instrument or voice.
  • Apply skills learned to independent creative projects demonstrating interpretive techniques and individual expression.

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre

  • Exhibit proficiency in written, oral, visual, technological, and physical modes of theatre communication.
  • Apply an understanding of all aspects of theatre’s collaborative processes.
  • Exhibit knowledge of theatre history and dramatic literature within cultural and social contexts.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a variety of skills developed in theatre laboratory practice.
  • Employ analytical and creative thought processes for the tasks of research, production, concept development, problem-solving, and self-evaluation.