More Information on Computer Science

Student Learning Objectives Computer Science

Bachelor of Science 

  • Students will be able to develop and implement algorithms in a manner that employs logical and mathematical reasoning, and basic notions of algorithmic complexity. Students will be capable of utilizing in such algorithms the following computational tools and concepts:
    • elements of control, including sequence, selection, and loop,
    • basic data types including integer, floating point, string, and array,
    • recursion,
    • linked data structures including lists and trees,
    • input and output control of basic data types.

Master of Science

  •  Students will be able to understand and analyze algorithms & data structures.

  • Students will be able to implement algorithms in a manner consistent with software Engineering principles.

  • Design and implement large scale software, and work in teams.
  • Students will demonstrate Competence in Operating Systems, Databases, Computability, or Advanced programming concepts.
  • Students will illustrate implementation success via demos of their projects.


  • Students will attain expert competence in at least three of the following areas:
    • Analysis of algorithms, including complexity, tractability, and computability.
    • Propositional logic, and the predicate calculus.
    • Artificial intelligence.
    • Principles of programming languages, and their design.
    • Operating systems and computer communication networks.
    • Scientific and high performance computing.
    • Principles of information retrieval, databases, and their theory.
    • Complexity and computability theory.
  • Students will publish papers/articles in peer-reviewed conferences and journals