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Training All Teachers (TAT) Grant Awarded

The School of Education, University at Albany is pleased to announce the award of $288,000 from the Office of Bilingual Education and Linguistic Minority Affairs, U.S Department of Education. The award funds a three-year project to support faculty and graduate students across professions and content areas in developing knowledge related to English Language Learners (ELLs) in U.S. schools.

The Project responds to the growing numbers of English Language Learners in schools and the fact that the training of school personnel in issues related to these children’s needs has not kept pace with the increasing numbers. The goal of the Project is to increase opportunities for all pre/inservice teachers, pupil services personnel, administrators, and other education personnel to learn about issues specific to ELLs.

These issues include the following:

- understanding the nature of language and its relation to society and culture;

- understanding the processes of first and second language acquisition;

- understanding the similarities and differences between the mainstream culture and other cultures;

- understanding second language literacy and how it relates to literacy in the first language or no prior literacy;

- understanding methods for communicating effectively with school personnel and parents regarding ELL issues.

These and other topics will be explored through a series of focus groups, curricular workshops, coursework offerings, and turnkey training in area schools.

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