Andrea Miranda, PhD Student contributes to renovation of Panama Canal Museum

Inside the Panama Canal Museum

The Panama Canal Museum is undergoing a massive renovation project of its exhibitions. The first hall that has already been completed for this plan is called “Life in the Canal Zone.” It portrays in minimalist style a narrative focusing on the daily life of Panama Canal workers, who hailed from 97 countries. Their experience and traditions allow an eyewitness view of the hands which built the route that changed the world. The hall features from never-before-seen photos to stanzas of a beautiful poem from the pen of a West Indian poet. The collection tells the story of how life was like inside the Canal Zone along with a new virtual experience that can be accessed from visitors’ smartphones.

The research of this renovation has been done by the PhD student Andrea Miranda, who also wrote the exhibition script. Miranda’s work provides the Museum with the necessary historical data in order to present its collection of artifacts in a truthful and detailed manner. With this fresh, new narrative, accessible to the public and full of previously unheard perspectives, the Panama Canal Museum has the opportunity to tell the history of the isthmus from different points of view. Miranda's contribution to this project will further the Museum's mission to create memorable experiences of historical value which enhance Panama's heritage and encourage learning, research, and cultural enrichment with a current and innovative vision.