LACS Supports Latino/a/x Voices:

Curriculum, Mentorship, Public Engagement and Educational Activities

The following is a list compiled from faculty in November 2017 about what LACS does to support Latina and Latino, hereafter Latinx, students.


  • LACS offers a curriculum that speaks to the breadth of regional diversity among our Latinx students
  • These courses offer students an opportunity to explore the racial and social connections between Latinxs and other ethno-racial groups in the US
  • Courses specifically address the historic and contemporary Latinx experience in the US
  • Courses appeal to many Latinx students on our campus, in addition to adding awareness of Latinx issues among non-Latinx students
  • Courses help make our student community more understanding of differences and provide the critical skills necessary to confront and make sense of anti-immigrant hate, intra-Latinx racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender tensions, and housing, spatial, and income inequalities
  • Our courses provide a way for Latinx students to make sense of the history and politics of the region (and particular countries) that they or their families have often come from recently, and often continue to have direct connections to
  • LACS courses foster an inclusive and supportive environment inside our classrooms in hopes students can share their unique perspectives related to race, ethnicity, and identity


  • Formal and informal mentoring and advising
  • Provide sustained mentorship and advisement to all students-- current and former, graduate and undergraduate
  • Students come to faculty office hours to talk about their family's immigration status, the challenge of fitting in non-Latinx environments, racial tensions among their racially mixed families, and financial difficulties
  • Identify at-risk students, and mentor and identify campus sources that can provide assistance.


  • Interview project and radio show through Albany’s Sanctuary for Independent Media. This Show will allow students to be aired on local radio talking about Latinx identity and culture in the Capital District
  • An instructor has arranged have representatives from Troy’s Capital Roots to come talk to her students and to network and do volunteer work for the organization
  • A LACS major has assisted a professor and obtained 30 community service hours
  • The LACS graduate students held a conference this semester (Fall 2017), collaborated with the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, on Environmental Feminism. The goal was to bring the senses back into higher education, discuss the importance of multiple facets of learning, teaching, and emphasize the validity of multiple forms of knowledges.
  • The film screening and discussion of “From One Mistake” created by a UAlbany alum. Students spoke about their unique experience as a DACA recipients (and shared her story in my classroom this week).