University at Albany


Ruth Felder


She is interested in the political economy of development in Latin America and her research addresses the complex interplay between the economic, politico-institutional, and social dimensions of development and locates domestic processes in the broader regional and international contexts in which they take place. In complementary research, she has studied the labor policies and transformations in labor market relations in Argentina over the 2000s, paying attention to the factors that account for the persistence of precarious labor and poverty amidst robust growth. Most currently, her research focuses on the nature, scope, and limitations of the development projects that have emerged in Argentina and other countries of the region in the wake of the crisis of neoliberal reforms. She is interested in interrogating views and assumptions about “post-neoliberalism”, “new developmentalism”, and “living well” and exploring the building and outcomes of practices inspired in these views. This research involves exploring recent development debates in the region, situating them in the historical context in which they have emerged, connecting theoretical debates and the problems and priorities facing policy communities.

Before joining the Department of Latin American, Caribbean, and US Latino Studies, she was a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer at Saint Mary’s University in Canada, where she taught at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and was research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean, at the University of Buenos Aires.


“South American post-neoliberalism and external restrictions. The case of Argentina (2003- 2014)”. In Kate Ervine and Gavin Fridell (eds.) Beyond Free Trade: Alternative Approaches to Trade, Politics, and Power, Hampshire-New York, Palgrave, 2015.

“Crisis, Change and the Working class in Argentina”. With Viviana Patroni. In B. Karaagac (ed.) Capital and Labour in Contemporary Capitalism, Berlin-Münster-Vienna-Zurich-London, LIT Verlag, 2013.

“Turbulent Times: Structural Reforms, Crisis and Labour Policy in Argentina (1990s-2000s)”. With Viviana Patroni. In Jordi Diez and Susan Franceschet (eds.) Comparative Public Policy in Latin America, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012.


PhD. in Political Science, York University, Canada

MA in Political Science, York University

MSC in Public Administration, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

BA in Sociology, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina