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Alejandra Bronfman
Associate Professor


Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies Department

Research Interests
- 20th century Caribbean and Latin America
- imperial and transnational history
- violence and the production of knowledge
- histories of race
- broadcasting
- sound, listening and sonic archives

Pedro Cabán
Professor, Chairperson and Graduate Programs Director

Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies Department - Chairperson

Race and American Political Development, Latinos and U.S. Political Economy, the political economy of U.S. - Puerto Rican relations, colonialism and imperialism during the American century, Latino Social Movements, Latino Political Mobilization and Protest Movements, Race and Ethnic Studies and the University.

Gabriel Hetland
Assistant Professor

Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies Department

Politics, democracy, the state, political parties, labor and social movements in Latin America and the United States. Focus on urban participatory democracy in cities governed by left and right parties in Venezuela and Bolivia.

Johana Londoño
Assistant Professor


Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies Department

Latino/a Urban Culture in the US; Political Economy of Cities; Comparative Ethnic Studies; Social and Cultural Theory; Representations of Poverty; Social Welfare; the Cultural Politics of Architecture and Urban Design; Aesthetics and Visual Culture.

Christine Vassallo-Oby
Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Program


Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies Department

Cultural Anthropology. U.S. transnational forces on the cruise ship industry and its effect on culture and the economy throughout the Caribbean.

Jointly Appointed Faculty (Members)

José E. Cruz


Political Science Department

Professor Cruz's research examines Latino politics, minority coalition politics, social movements in Spain and the United States, and the politics of diasporic citizenship. He has published extensively on Puerto Rican and Latino politics in the United States.

Lead faculty in Spain (Madrid) Study Abroad Summer Program. See program highlight in the Rockefeller College News Magazine - pp. 11.

Blanca Ramos
Associate Professor


Social Welfare Department

Social Work Practice, Mental Health, Cultural Diversity, Cross-Culture Social Work and Immigrants.


Jointly Appointed Faculty (Associated Members)

María A. Aguilar-Dornelles

Assistant Professor


Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department

Research: 19th Century Latin-American Literature, Latin-American Poetry, Caribbean Studies, Brazilian Studies, Gender Studies, African Diaspora in Latin America, Visual Arts, Latin American Intellectual History, Culture and State Formation, Nationalism.


Jesús Alonso Regalado

Associate Librarian

University Library

Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies subject librarian.


Jeanette Altarriba




Psychology Department

Issues of bilingualism, second language acquisition, and language in applied settings, for Spanish-English bilinguals who represent the Caribbean and countries of Central and South America.

Ray Bromley



Geography & Planning Department

Urban planning; regional planning; urban development; urban renewal; community development; housing policy; neighborhood decline; neighborhood revitalization; abandoned buildings; fire tragedies; micro-enterprise; micro-credit; retail markets; street vendors; Peru; Colombia

Jennifer L. Burrell

Associate Professor

Anthropology Department

Latin America/Central America and the diaspora, the Maya Political economy, structural and political violence, in/security, gender, generation, the state,  Human rights, development, humanitarianism Migration, transnationalism, globalization, indigeneity Health and immigrant healthcare access.

Alexander Dawson

Associate Professor

Department of History

History of modern Latin America - priciple focus in Mexico. Publication focus on the intersections of politics, human rights, inequality, and race, particularly where it concerns the complex terrain of indigenous righs in the Americas..

Joanna Dreby

Associate Professor

Sociology Department

Immigration, Families, Children


Matthew C. Ingram

Associate Professor


Political Science Department

His research examines justice sector reforms, judicial behavior, and violence in Latin America.

Ilka Kressner

Associate Professor


Hispanic and Italian Studies - Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department

Academic Focus - Spanish American literature, film and visual art (20th to beginning 21st centuries), conceptions of space in art, cultural and ecocritical studies.

Bio - Professor Kressner’s scholarship and teaching examine Spanish American literatures, films and visual art from a variety of cultural and national contexts, often from a comparative perspective.

Walter E. Little




Anthropology Department

Cultural and Ethnic Identity, Cultural Performance, Gender Relations, Marketplace and Household Economics, Transcultural Studies - Tourism, Urban Anthropology.   Areas: Mesoamerica. 

Carmen Serrano

Assistant Professor

Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department

Research Focus: Research: 20th – 21st century Latin American narrative; Magical Realism, the Fantastic, and the Gothic in Latin American literature; Transatlantic Studies; Latin American Historical Fiction; U.S. Latina and Latino Literature and Cultural Studies. 

Teaching: History and the Novel in Latin American Literature,
The Novel of the Mexican Revolution, Latin American Literature: Illusion, Fantasy, and Magical Realism, From Novel to Film: Latin American Texts on the Big Screen, Myth, Apparitions and the Haunted in Latin American Literature, Introduction to Latin American Short Story.


Barbara Sutton

Associate Professor

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department

Globalization, body politics, human rights, women's and global justice movements, and intersections of inequalities based on gender, class, race-ethnicity, sexuality, and nation, particularly in Latin American contexts.


Francisco Vieyra

Assistant Professor



Sociology Department

Areas of Research and Teaching: Race & ethnicity, urban sociology, civic engagement & politics, culture, law and society, qualitative methodology.


Participating Faculty (Affiliated Members)

Glyne Griffith




English Department

The intersection of literature, ideology and culture, and his scholarship and teaching examine the inter-relatedness of imperialist discourse and Caribbean literature and culture. 

Faculty Emeriti

Edna Acosta-Belén
Distinguished Professor Emerita


Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies Department

Application of postcolonial/subaltern feminist, and cultural studies theoretical approaches to the study of the Puerto Rican and U.S. Latino(a) experience.  

Christine E. Bose
Professor Emerita



Sociology Department

Gender ; Stratification ; Labor Markets ; Occupations ; Comparative Development Issues ; Historical Sociology ; Race and Ethnicity.

Colbert I. Nepaulsingh
Professor Emeritus


Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies Department

Medieval Spanish literature and culture; the impact of medieval Spain on the New World; Caribbean literature and culture; Jews in medieval Spain and Jews in the New World.