Report An Animal Welfare Concern

The policy of the University at Albany is that all animals used for research, teaching and testing are treated humanely and receive the best possible care. If you suspect mistreatment of animals or noncompliance with approved protocols, University policies, state, or federal regulations, please contact the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee or the Attending Veterinarian immediately.

Mistreatment is physical or psychological, wrongful, or abusive treatment of an animal.  Noncompliance means that procedures and policies are not being followed, and this may willful or stem from confusion or misunderstanding.

All concerns will be investigated.  The Animal Welfare Act protects the rights of the individuals reporting animal welfare concerns and prohibits discrimination against or reprisal for reporting violations of regulations or standards.

Individuals reporting concerns do not have to identify themselves and the University will, to the maximum extent possible, protect the privacy of those who report concerns.