Having personnel who are trained in the basic principles of laboratory animal science and animal care is a requirement of the “Guide” and helps to ensure high-quality science and animal well-being. The department of Laboratory Animal Resources administers two types of training, mandatory and optional, for personnel who use animals in their research.

Mandatory Training

Facility-specific training for personnel working with laboratory rodents is a requirement for swipe card access to the animal facility. Personnel who have completed the requirements and have been added to an approved IACUC protocol will be contacted by the Facilities Manager to schedule a time for Facilities Training. This training consists of an orientation to the policies and procedures of the animal facility, a tour of the vivarium, and CO2 euthanasia training, if applicable.

Optional Training

LAR staff offer a variety of hands-on training for animal research personnel, including:

1. Rodent handling

2. Rodent breeding

3. Basic research techniques, such as injections, blood sampling, and gavage

4. Aseptic surgical procedures

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