Where to get Medical Care

Individuals who have experienced a recent sexual assault or act of physical violence are encouraged to visit a hospital, clinic, or Student Health Services to assess and address their medical needs. A medical exam can assess a victim’s injuries and provide necessary medical advice and medication. Reporting individuals should be advised that information provided during a medical exam is confidential and will not be released or shared without the reporting individual’s consent.

Individuals reporting sexual assault have the option to undergo a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam. These exams are performed by skilled providers at local hospitals. The exam includes assessment for and treatment of injury, addressing concerns of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), and collection of evidence. Individuals reporting sexual assault should know that:

  • Choosing to undergo a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam does not require that the victim report the violence to police or university administration. However, the exam is strongly recommended as it will greatly enhance the likelihood of a successful prosecution of the assailant in criminal cases should the victim choose to report the incident now or in the future.
  • It is important not to bathe, wash, change clothes, or brush one’s teeth prior to seeking medical attention. If possible, it is also best that the victim not take fluids or use the bathroom prior to the exam.
  • For the purposes of evidence collection, the Sexual Assault Forensic Exam should be conducted within 96 hours of the assault. However, even if 96 hours have elapsed, the exam is still recommended.
  • The Sexual Assault Forensic Exam is free, and does not have to be charged to the victim’s insurance.
  • Information provided during a the Sexual Assault Forensic Exam is confidential, and will not be released or shared with anyone, including Police and the University, without the victim’s consent.
  • The New York State Office of Victim Services may be able to assist in compensating victims/survivors for health care and counseling services, including emergency funds. More information may be found here: http://www.ovs.ny.gov/files/ovs_rights_of_cv_booklet.pdf or by calling 1-800-247-8035. Options are explained here: http://www.ovs.ny.gov/helpforcrimevictims.html

If an individual reporting sexual violence chooses to obtain medical care, assistance will be provided in arranging for transportation to the hospital or clinic chosen by the reporting individual or to the Student Health Services. This assistance can be provided by the Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence, the University Police, Residential Life Staff, or the Title IX Coordinator. Reporting individuals should can request that an advocate accompany them to the hospital. On campus advocates are available to students through the University’s Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence. Off campus advocates are available to all victims/survivors who are seen in Albany County Hospitals through the Albany County Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center.

Albany Medical Center


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Student Health Services


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