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Judaic Studies Program

Tiffany Rothenberg

Pursuing my academic career at the University at Albany was a last minute decision when Hebrew University in Jerusalem was bombed just before my freshman year was to commence in 2002. I had always been very interested in Middle Eastern politics and my eastern European heritage so after traveling through Eastern Europe and Israel in 2001, I had decided to move to Israel for college.

Finding myself at an enormous university, I struggled to gain a sense of community in the 400 seat lecture halls of my introductory level courses. Though I had already determined that I would major in political science and minor in communication, it was quite apparent that the Judaic Studies courses I took were my favorite. Not only was the content stimulating, but I found the professors to be the most engaging and though-provoking, while still maintaining the highest academic standards. I graduated in 2006 with a BA in Judaic studies & a BA in Political Science, and a minor in Communications.

Since graduation I have been working in public policy for the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS), promoting the development of health infrastructure and policy reforms. I also completed my Masters in Public Policy at the Rockefeller College of Public Administration and Policy, and I am currently in my final year at CUNY School of Law. The core subjects I took in the Judaic Studies discipline illuminated my interest in social justice in addition to my strong Jewish identity. Yet most valuable were the lessons I learned from the Judaic Studies department faculty and community, and they will continue to help me as I advance in my academic and professional endeavors.