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Judaic Studies Program

Terre Foreman

Terre Foreman

I earned a B.A. in Elementary Education and Psychology from American University and then completed an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Pittsburgh while teaching in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. While staying home full time to raise three children, I used my free time to volunteer in the Jewish community and achieved leadership roles at local, regional, and national levels. After filling a need for a teacher at our synagogue’s school, I began a second career as a Religious School teacher and have worked in Jewish education for more than twenty-five years. I am currently principal of the Troy Jewish Community Religious School.

I began taking Hebrew courses at UAlbany in order to refresh and expand my knowledge of the language. After hearing about the broad choice of courses and engaging professors in the Judaic Studies department from my fellow students, I applied and was accepted into the University as a transfer student based upon my first Bachelor’s Degree.

Classes in the Judaic Studies department have formalized and expanded my knowledge as well as created interest in new areas of study. Becoming involved in department activities, getting to know fellow students and professors, accompanied by my involvement in Driving Force and my presence on campus, have taught me so much about education, how people learn at every age, and myself.

In July, 2010, I began studying at Gratz College in Philadelphia as part of their online and summer intensive program. My goal is to complete a Master’s Degree as well as a Jewish Teacher’s Certificate. One of my first assignments was to complete a Holocaust curriculum for the 7th grade in my school with values lessons and other history for the lower grades as a project.  I really felt that I was well prepared by UAlbany Judaic Studies faculty since I had been taught so much of the history. The teacher runs the oral history archives in Philadelphia and the class connected what I learned at UAlbany with the practical issues of teaching it.