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Judaic Studies Program

Rachael Woren

Rachael WorenMy name is Rachael Woren. I am originally from Albany and I just loved it so much that I decided to stay around here. I grew up in a home where my parents did not know much about Judaism or the Hebrew language. When I was born they decided they wanted me to be more connected with the Jewish religion so I went to the Jewish community center and then my grade school years were spent at the Hebrew Academy. In kindergarten I started learning Hebrew and it was just a connection and I have loved it since then.

When I graduated eighth grade i went to a public school where I could no longer continue my Judaic studies education so my sophomore year of high school I registered to take Hebrew at SUNY Albany. Everybody there was so welcoming and I enjoyed the class a lot. So when I graduated from high school I was in a toss up between Hofstra and SUNY Albany, as you can tell I picked SUNY.

My major at SUNY Albany was Judaic studies and I would never think of changing it to anything else. Thanks to the whole department for all that it has done. When I graduated, I decided that since I had such an amazing experience being a teacher’s assistant in the Hebrew Class, I would go on to receive a masters in teaching Hebrew. I recently graduated from Brandeis University with my masters in teaching after attending two summers of intense Hebrew classes in Middlebury, Vermont. 

This fall I will be assisting at the Hebrew Academy of the Capital District as well as a few other Hebrew classes in the community. I will be starting my own adult Hebrew classes for the Jewish community here in Albany in which I will use the Brandeis Modern Hebrew book and teach people the language from the beginning. I will also be teaching a conversational class at Mifgash (the local Jewish high school).