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Judaic Studies Program

Michael Kupferberg

In the spring of 2004 I enrolled in my first Judaic studies class at UAlbany. Prior to this I was unsure of where my educational future would lead, much less what my career goals might be. However, after enrolling in an introduction to modern Jewish history class, I was captivated and quickly enrolled in additional Judaic studies classes. After taking numerous classes on a wide array of topics, I came to realize that Jewish Studies would be the focus of my graduate work.

After graduating from UAlbany in May 2007 with a degree in psychology and Judaic Studies, I pursued a Master’s degree in modern Jewish history at Brandeis University. The Judaic Studies Department at UAlbany was a guiding force in my educational. Due to the department’s desire to cater to undergraduate students, I was fortunate enough to delve deep into course material at UAlbany. I served as a research assistant as well as an undergraduate teaching assistant with Professor Barry Trachtenberg. These are unique experiences for undergraduates and greatly assisted me at the graduate level.

The Judaic studies department at UAlbany endowed me with a strong foundation in a wide array of fields within Judaic Studies, and was truly beneficial in my transition to graduate school. In May 2009 I completed my graduate work at Brandeis University. Upon looking back at my educational experience in Judaic Studies, I realize that my undergraduate experience in Judaic Studies at UAlbany was truly unique, and was greatly beneficial to my work at the graduate level.  I currently work as a legal assistant at a law firm on Long Island, and am a part-time law student at St. John’s University. I continue to utilize the research and analytical skills that I acquired from my experience in the Judaic Studies department, both in the workplace and at law school.