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Judaic Studies Program

Chamane Simpson

Chamane Simpson In May 2007, I graduated from SUNY Albany as a psychology major and as a Judaic Studies minor. While I liked many of the psychology courses I took in Albany, I enjoyed my Judaic Studies classes much more. Such courses included, Medieval Jews among Muslims and Christians, Modern Yiddish Culture, Issues in Hellenistic-Rabbinic Judaism, World Jewry since the Holocaust, and several others. While these classes were interesting and even challenging, they also granted me the opportunity to learn more in depth about a culture different from my own.

In addition to this, as a Judaic Studies minor, I was taught by great professors who were not only helpful in regard to the course work but who were especially helpful when it was time for me to apply to graduate school. Such help included, working with me and constantly giving me advice to improve my personal statement for graduate school, writing recommendations, and connecting me to a psychology professor who was able to offer further graduate school advisement. In addition, the Judaic Studies Department awarded me a monetary award to help pay for the books I would need to buy in graduate school.

Now, since graduating from Albany, I am in the process of finishing my second semester in a Master’s program in the Ferkauf Graduate School at Yeshiva University. In addition to this, I am currently working as a psychoeducational fellow helping students who have learning difficulties. After earning my Master’s degree, it is my hope to continue on with my education so that I can earn a Psy.D. in school psychology and work as a school psychologist.