Each semester, JRL majors and minors are notified via UAlbany e-mail to sign up for an in-person advisement appointment about 2-3 weeks before the start of advance registration. If your major is complete and you simply need your AVN, e-mail the department with your request. Your AVN - advisor verification number - is the key to be able to register online. In Spring we offer advising for Summer and Fall. In Fall we offer advising for Winter and Spring. 

Click here to make an advisement appointmentIf you missed out on your opportunity to be advised for the next semester and still need your AVN and advisement, please sign up for an appointment through the new online EAB system. Walk-in appointments will not be seen. (Follow these instructions for making an appointment with advisor Kate Sechler.)

Keep your eyes on your UAlbany email. The advising office will send out messages about events, deadlines, workshops, lectures, or book clubs, or advisement for advance registration, among other relevant information.


Advisor: Kate Sechler
Office: Social Science 351
Phone: 518-442-4875   
Note: Please identify yourself as JRL major or minor and include your student ID on correspondence. 


The Advisor Verification Number (AVN) is the key that unlocks your registration options on MyUAlbany each semester. AVNs are distributed by appointment only from about the 6th week of the semester through the last day of classes. In order to receive an AVN, Journalism majors and minors should please read the email you received and follow the directions to make an appointment. This change began with Winter/Spring 2016 advisement. You do not need to bring in newly printed degree audit during the advisement period. At the end of the meeting you will be given a summary of what was discussed, as well as your AVN. As always, your faculty mentor does not hand out AVNs.

Faculty Mentor

Journalism majors have faculty mentors assigned by the advising office. Faculty mentors will be with students through their careers as Journalism majors. Faculty mentors are a resource for students, and hopefully students will develop relationships with their mentors over the course of time. A mentor does not replace academic advising, but offers a place within the department to talk about careers, graduate schools, foci within the major, or other information about the department and our courses. Students should strive to see their faculty mentors at least once per academic year, in addition to their advising session every semester.

Advisement Tips

  • Read your DARS audit before you come to your appointment. Please save them, as they are the only record of your academic progress.
  • You can be advised even if there is a "hold" on your account. Do not wait until the hold is resolved to be advised.
  • Students who may not return the following semester should also be advised. It is better to have a plan you don't use, than not have one when you need it.
  • Journalism majors/minors can meet with any one of the advisement staff on duty for AVNs. For all other advisement issues please make an appointment with our advisor or visit during a period outside of advance registration advisement.
  • Fill in any forms you need to have evaluated or signed as completely as possible prior to your arrival.
  • Seniors are restricted from taking 100 level courses. Be sure you have completed your general education and 100 level requirements before you have earned 88 credits.
  • If you plan on taking courses outside of the University or abroad it is important to have your courses evaluated before you sign up and pay your fees to be sure the course/s will come into your major or count toward a requirement or credits.