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From the Editor
Feature Articles
Miner's Son, Miners' Photographer:
The Life and Work of George Harvan

  Thomas Dublin and Melissa Doak
From Homestead to Lynch Mob: Portrayals of Black
Masculinity in Oscar Micheaux's Within Our Gates

  Gerald R. Butters Jr.

Sonic History: The Making of Lost and Found Sound
  Nikki Silva, Davia Nelson, Art Silverman, Charles Hardy III
Historically Speaking: Conversations with Historians
An Interview with Mary Beth Norton
From the Archives
"The Investigator" (1954), by Reuben Ship
  Introduction by Gerald Gross
Teaching and Research
Un-Tangling the Web of Cold War Studies; or, How One Historian
Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Internet

  Robert Griffith
Creating Instructional CD-ROMs
  Ian Anderson
Ellis Island
  Donna Gabaccia
Perseus 2.0
  Alexander Hollman
The Civil War
  Stephen Woodworth
Who Killed William Robinson?
  Terry Crowley
Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency
  James Marten
Do History
  Paula Petrik
The Haymarket Dramas
  Rich Schneirov
Witness: Voices from the Holocaust
  Donald Birn
  E.M. Beck
Not For Ourselves Alone
  Rebecca Edwards
Chicano! The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement
  Valerie M. Mendoza
The Black Press
  Reginald Owens
KPFA on the Air
  Steve Pierce
Will the Circle Be Unbroken? 
  Peter Levy
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