The iClicker classroom response system provides faculty with immediate student feedback through the use of electronic quizzes and polls. Students can quickly answer questions or offer opinions in class through "digital voting" entered on the iClicker remote. Results are compiled on-the-fly so faculty can assess student learning and make adjustments accordingly. Results can also be uploaded to the Blackboard Grade Center.

The Institute for Teaching, Learning & Academic Leadership (ITLAL) is the first point of contact for faculty wishing to use iClicker. ITLAL coordinates the faculty purchase of iClicker hardware and software, and assists faculty in course setup. It is also a good place to get ideas and assistance on how iClicker can be used to enhance teaching and learning.

Students purchase the iClicker remote at the University Bookstore.



  • Students
  • Faculty

Service Availability

24 x 7

Pricing Information

While there is no charge for using this service, students must purchase iClickers at the University Bookstore.