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Request a New Wiki Space

University faculty and staff should use this form to request a new wiki space in Wikis@UAlbany. Your request will be processed within 3 business days. The owner will receive an email notification when the wiki space is available.

Each wiki space must have a designated Space Sponsor and Owner.

1. Wiki Space Display Name (for example, "ACSI101", or "Intro to Computer Science"; 2-20 characters long):

2. This wiki space is for Instructional use:
Class Number (if applying for Instructional use):

3. Brief description of the intended use for this wiki space:

4. The Space Sponsor must be a permanent faculty or staff member at the University. They may have no day-to-day responsibilities for the Space, and may only function as an administrative contact in case the Primary Owner is unavailable.Space Sponsor (must be faculty/staff member):

Last Name:
First Name:
Email Address:  

5. The Space Owner will be responsible for day-to-day management of the wiki space, including granting permissions to other users.Primary/Active Space Owner: Same as Sponsor Not Same
NetID: Last Name: First Name: Email Address:

6. Additional Owners (include NetID and Name):*
NetID: Last Name: First Name: Email Address:

7. Instructional wikis expire at the end of each semester. Content cannot be transferred from semester to semester.Expiration Date - After:

8. Comments or special instructions: (optional)*

Before submitting your request, please select "Real request" from this drop-down menu.
(This allows the request to get past the spam filter.)

By submitting this form, you (the Wiki Space Sponsor) agree to comply with the guidelines defined in Appendix G, as well as any and all other University policies that may apply to the usage of this Wiki Space, including the Wiki Guidelines. You also assume responsibility to communicate to your designated Space owner(s) their obligation to adhere to these policies.

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