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RedDot/Open Text Content Management System
We are currently experiencing problems with RedDot/Open Text, the University's web content management system. ITS is working with our vendors to resolve this as qickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Scheduled Outage Tests ITS Emergency Backup Services
On Saturday, July 30, 2011, from 6:00 AM - 1:00 PM, ITS will complete the test of our emergency backup plan for campus IT systems. Most University IT Services will be unavailable during this time. Please check our Systems Status and Scheduled Maintenance page for more information.

UAlbany Mail is coming this fall!
This fall, all students, faculty and staff will move to UAlbany Mail, a single service that includes email, calendaring and a suite of communication and collaboration tools. Visit the UAlbany Mail Project wiki for more information.

Welcome New and Prospective Students!
Information Technology Services (ITS) provides all UAlbany students with the technology resources to do their coursework and conduct University business.  Refer to our
"Resource Guide for UAlbany Students" or the UAlbany Welcome page for helpful information and advice on a host of computing issues. 

New Blackboard 9.1 “Sneak Peek” Sessions
Faculty are invited to attend an upcoming session to get an advance look at what the new Blackboard system has to offer!

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  2. Blackboard & Classroom Technology
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Computer Access, Email & Calendaring:


  1. Departmental Exchange/Outlook Request
  2. Shared Folder Request
  3. File Space Request
  4. Resource Calendar Request
  5. Event Calendar Request


  1. University Office Computer Access Request
  2. Exchange/Outlook Request

Blackboard & Classroom Technology:

  1. Lecture Center Technology Request Form
  2. Request a Blackboard Course
  3. Request Non-Standard Blackboard Course
  4. Technology-Enhanced Classroom Software Request

Communication Technology:

  1. Request a New LISTSERV List
  2. Request a New Wiki Space
  3. Video Conference Request

Information Security:

  1. Employee Access and Compliance Agreement
  2. Request for Access to a University at Albany Personal Account Subsequent to Termination, Departure, Transfer or Death

PC Service Center:

  1. PC Repair


  1. Faculty/Staff Software Order Form
  2. Software License Request Form for Students


  1. Account Number and Pinnacle Access Authorization Form
  2. Conference Call Request Form
  3. DTerm Series I/IP 8-Button
  4. DTerm Series I/IP 16-Button
  5. Telecommunications ACD Navigator Form
  6. Telecommunication’s Activation Form
  7. Telecommunication's Cable Television Installation or Activation Request Form
  8. Telecommunications Data Jack Installation or Activation Request Form
  9. Telecommunications Disconnect Form
  10. Telecommunications Equipment Order Request Form
  11. Telecommunication’s User Information Update Form
  12. Telecommunications Voicemail and PSC Request Form
  13. Telecommunications Wireless Access Point (WAP) Installation Request Form
  14. University Broadcast Voicemail Authorization Form
  15. Voicemail Enhanced Call Processors (Voicemail ECP)

Web Support:

  1. Request Password Protection for a Web Directory
  2. Request for Form Mail
  3. Request to Register for Form to File Service
  4. Website Administration Request
  5. Website Link Request
  6. Website Removal Request
  7. Webspace Request
  8. RedDot Account Request
    Think that email might be a hoax? You could be right, and it's wise to be suspicious. Cyber criminals are out there 'phishing' for people who will be fooled by bogus messages. Don't be one of them! The University at Albany will never ask for your password. You can safely delete any messages asking for personal or login information, even if they claim to come from a UAlbany office. In fact, you should exercise caution whenever anyone asks for any of your personal information via email. 


    For examples, check our Catch of the Day where we regularly post phony messages received by members of the campus community. If you'd like to report a suspected phish, please email Information Security Officer Martin Manjak at or the Office of the CIO at

    Want to learn more about phishing and your best line of defense? Take our free workshop, Protecting Your Privacy Online.

    Information Technology Services is the centralized technology provider to the University community in support of its teaching, research and service objectives. Under the direction of the Chief Information Officer, the organization is highly collaborative and fosters active participation from across the campus. Open planning processes, flexibility and working closely with other campus units invites communication, creative solutions and partnerships that help shape the evolving needs of a dynamic academic environment.


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