Information Technology Services


Should you get a PC or a laptop?
While an increasing number of people prefer the convenience of a laptop, this is a matter of personal preference.  Regardless of your choice, ITS recommends purchasing an extended warranty to protect your investment. Students should also take appropriate security precautions: never leave your laptop unattended and lock it up when it is not in use. 

What kind of computer should you buy?
In almost all cases, personal preference can be your guide. There are two exceptions:

  • The School of Business has courses which require students to use Microsoft Access, a component of Microsoft Office that is not available for the Mac. Students with Macs need to purchase a separate copy of Access or Office for Windows, and run that in a virtual Windows session on their Mac using another purchased program such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Alternatively, they can complete Access assignments on University PCs in the Information Commons in the University Libraries.
  • The workflow in labs of the Art Department is 100% Apple/Mac platform. Art majors are strongly urged to consider purchasing a Mac to more effectively integrate with labs and make the best use of specialized photo, sound and video software. Exclusive discounts in addition to educational pricing are available for UAlbany students.

Which mobile devices are supported by UAlbany Mail?
UAlbany Mail supports almost all Internet-enabled mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Droid. For the richest experience, ITS recommends purchasing any ActiveSync compatible device. While Blackberries will work, they are not ActiveSync compatible. They may require additional customer setup and software. 

Can iPads or tablets be used as a primary computing device?
While iPads and tablets work for many things, they are not fully compatible with all University IT services. Some features and functions may be difficult to access, or even inaccessible, with these devices. A computer or laptop is the best way to ensure access to the technology the campus has to offer.