Referrals and Claims

University Health Center Referral

What do I do if I am referred from the University Health Center?

As an international student enrolled in United Healthcare, your primary health care provider is the University Health Center. In non-emergency cases, you should always visit the Health Center first. In doing so, you are able to waive the $50 deductible charge if you are referred to an off-campus physician or specialist. Another reason for visiting University Health Center is that some doctors do not accept patients if they are not referred from their primary health care provider. To waive your $50 deductible charge, you MUST obtain a "REFERRAL CODE" from the Health Center and submit the code online in your United Healthcare account.

When do I need to file a claim?

In the rare instance when you need to pay out of pocket for expenses, you can file for reimbursement using the e-claim system. Please log into your United Healthcare account for specific instructions.