Graduate Student Orientation Information

Pre-Arrival Checklist: Please complete the tasks below before you arrive at UAlbany.  Click the links for more information.

Please note: students must pay their Enrollment deposit in order to access MyUAlbany and complete the steps below.

  1. Set Up Your MyUAlbany and University Email Accounts
    • Information on how to do so is available here. Check your email address at least twice a week before and after arrival. All official communication from the University will be sent to your UAlbany email.

    • Logging in to the University system requires 2-step verification.  New students will use the DUO app for 2-step verification, for more information please click here.

    • Review the Get Ready with ITS- New Student Guide to Technology at UAlbany for information on logging in, setting up your email and MyUAlbany accounts, Zoom, Blackboard, and more.

  2. Meet all COVID-19 Documentation and Pre-Arrival Requirements

    • Please review instructions for submitting proof of your COVID-19 vaccination on UAlbany's website here:  This also includes information and testing requirements for students who: need a medical or religious exemption; need a fully remote exemption since they will not be in Albany during Spring 2022; or who are unable to get fully vaccinated prior to arrival to the US.

      • In addition to the University's COVID-19 vaccination requirement, the US CDC requires that most non-citizen, non-immigrant air passengers to the U.S.  show proof of full vaccination for COVID-19, including F-1 and J-1 students.  The CDC has released guidance on limited exemptions to the full vaccination requirement, which may include student travelers from certain countries with limited vaccine availability.  For a list of which countries are considered eligible for an exemption, please view Table 4 on the CDC's website here.  Students should consult their airlines if they have any questions about providing acceptable vaccination documentation and/or whether or not they qualify for an exemption to the requirement. 

    • Students must get their final COVID-19 shot by January 5, 2022, or request an exemption by December 15, 2021, in order to attend UAlbany in the Spring 2022 semester. 

  3. Orientation Registration
    • Click here to register for Orientation
      • You must use your applicant email (not UAlbany email) when logging in to register.
    • Spring 2022 International Orientation will take place January 13, 2022- January 18, 2022  This Orientation will be offered-in-person (subject to change based on University, local, state and/or federal guidance).

    • ISSS will provide limited complimentary transportation service reimbursement on  January 13, 2022 from the Albany Airport, the Albany-Rensselaer Train Station, the Albany Bus Terminal and select hotels only.  Students must save their receipt from their taxi and/or rideshare (Uber/Lyft) in order to be reimbursed. For more information and/or to sign-up, click here.

    • Please contact your academic advisor in your department for information about course registration.
    • In addition to International Orientation, your academic department may also have a required Orientation and/or meetings as part of the Orientation week programming.
    • If you encounter problems registering for Orientation, please contact Orientation and Transition Programs at [email protected]. To sign in for Orientation registration, you will use the email and password you created when you applied to the university.
    • Please review and print the Orientation confirmation materials sent to your UAlbany email address.
  4. Review Housing Resources and Quarantining & COVID Documentation Recommendations & Requirements
    • Students who will live on-campus must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to moving in on-campus.  Students residing off-campus are also required to be fully vaccinated
    • ISSS cannot coordinate housing for students; students must secure their own housing.  Please be sure to have accommodation before arriving to Albany.  If you do not have permanent accommodation please be sure to make a hotel reservation as temporary accommodation before arriving. 
    • Students living off-campus should review our page on Off Campus Housing 
    • Limited on-campus housing is available for graduate students.  On-campus housing sign-up is done through the Office of Residential Life.  For more information please click here.  
      • New international students living on-campus may move-in between 12pm (noon) and 4pm on Thursday, January 13, 2022.  If you arrive before your scheduled move-in please arrange for a hotel. Please follow all move-in instructions that you receive from the Office of Residential Life. Students who will live on-campus must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to moving in on-campus.  Any additional health and safety requirements (such as required quarantine and/or COVID testing) may be communicated to students at a later date; please be prepared to follow any University, local, state, and/or federal arrival health requirements. Students living on campus should follow all Residential Life instructions for move-in and health documentation/quarantine requirements, if applicable.  This includes having any required COVID related documentation and submission of MMR immunization requirements at the time of move-in.
  5. Submit your Mandatory Required Health Form and Immunization/Vaccination Documentation to Student Health Services
    • All new students are required to submit the Mandatory Required Health Form prior to arrival (December 15 is the deadline for students starting in Spring).  This form includes a Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire.  The form may be submitted one of two ways:
    • All new students are also required to submit evidence of MMR immunization.  This may also be done through the Student Health Portal (preferred method; once in the Portal, select "Document Upload" and "Imms/TB/Health Requirements" from the drop down menu) or over email to [email protected]  Immunization requirements are explained in detail here.
    • Students must upload evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination in the Student Health Portal or apply for the appropriate exemption, if eligible. UAlbany requires all students to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.
    • All new students must also complete the Meningitis Requirement in MyUAlbany.  This will appear under the "Important Notices" section.
    • Please review the University's COVID-19 vaccination policies-- including quarantine, testing, and other safety measures-- prior to arrival.  These requirements are subject to change so please check them prior to your arrival as well.  The U.S. CDC is also currently requiring all air passengers to the U.S. to carry proof of a negative COVID test or recovery when entering the U.S.
  6. Upload your photo to ID Card through MyUAlbany
    • Do this at least two weeks before arrival so that your ID card is ready for you to pick-up. If you are unable to pick-up a physical ID card that’s okay, you can keep a virtual ID card on your phone using the Mobile ID App. Click here to learn more and download the app: Your ID Card gives you access to on-campus housing, dining plans, and other campus resources based on eligibility.
  7. Log in to ISSS's Required Pre-Arrival Orientation on Blackboard
    • More information on pre-Arrival orientation is available here.
    • Please successfully complete the required Pre-Arrival Orientation quiz before arrival
  8. Post-Arrival: Complete the New Student Arrival Reporting EForm
    • Once you have arrived to the United States, you should complete the New Student Arrival Reporting EForm, including uploading copies of your passport, visa, I-20/DS-2019, and I-94. 

To Review: Please review these Frequently Asked Questions.  Click the link(s) to find more information.