STEM OPT Employment Requirements

In recent months USCIS has updated it's policies on the accrual of unlawful presence for students, as well as STEM OPT employer-employee relationships and third party placements. ISSS has compiled a summary of information related to these policy changes and emailed it to students. You may read the full email by clicking here.

F-1 and J-1 students should always take care to be in accordance with all immigration rules and regulations. Now is a good time to again reinforce the need for students to be in full compliance with regulations, including but not limited to: being a full-time registered student, not engaging in unauthorized employment, and only engaging in employment which fully adheres to all the regulatory requirements.

We ask that any students with questions about their status consult ISSS advisors for qualified advice. Please do not rely on the advice of third parties or unverified internet sources. 

Students can read more about what ICE considers to be a student and employer's obligations and requirements while on STEM OPT on the Study in the States website, here.   We recommend you familiarize yourself with the instructions provided by ICE.

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