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Collaborative Grants

Ford Foundation

The University at Albany’s Gender Studies in Global Perspective project received a $250,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to promote and strengthen gender studies graduate training with an international focus. The project is a collaborative effort of the Center for Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies (CELAC) and the Institute for Research on Women (IROW).

Co-directors of the project are Edna Acosta-Belén, Distinguished Service Professor in the departments of Latin American & Caribbean Studies and Women’s Studies and Christine Bose, associate professor in the departments of Sociology, Women’s Studies, and Latin American & Caribbean Studies.

One of the main goals of the project, according to Bose, is to "foster growing interactions between area studies (which focus on geographic areas of the world such as Africa, Latin America, and Asia) and gender studies."

Bose adds, "This program provides an incentive, through the use of assistantships, to encourage students to combine these interdisciplinary fields of study and indirectly encourages the University to hire faculty to support these fields. Through this program, international interests and an interest in gender can be linked."

The three-year effort made available a minimum of five graduate assistantship awards per year for those students specializing in women’s studies or pursuing gender studies in a global context. Selections will be made in an open competition, the criteria for which will be announced later this fall. A postdoctoral fellow position and an annual lecture will also be supported by the project.

The University made a commitment to continue beyond the grant period by providing three assistantship awards per year for an additional five years (2001-2006) for graduate students doing gender-focused research from a global perspective in any department in the social sciences and humanities.


A new grant from USIA, "Democracy and Human Rights in Higher Education," involves collaboration between the Program in Russian and East European Studies, IROW, and other University at Albany units in a continuing affiliation with the University of Sofia in Bulgaria. IROW Advisory Board member Gwen Moore will be working with a Bulgarian colleague on a comparative study of women in higher education during the three year project.

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