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Annual Lecture Series

September 2004. "Making Feminist Sense of the War in Iraq."
Cynthia Enloe, Research Professor of Women's Studies & International Development, Clark University. (For more information, please click on link to Events Calendar.)

April 2004. "Is Women's Equality an Impossibility? Rethinking Universals in Human Rights Law."
Dianne Otto, Associate Professor of Law, University of Melbourne. Kate Stoneman Visiting Professor of Law and Democracy, Albany Law School (Spring 2004).

April 2003: "Gender, Health and Human Rights in a Time of Perpetual War."
Dr. Rosalind Petchesky, Distinguised Professor of Political Science, Hunter College & City University of New York Graduate Center.

May 2002: "When the Rhetoric of Women's Human Rights Meets The Reality of Human Security: Some Reflections on the Global Interdependence of Rights."
Penelope Andrews, Professor of Law, City University of New York Law School.

March 2002: "Building Women Leaders in the 21st Century." A Faculty Seminar and Workshop.
Dr. Zulma Barrios, Vice President, Women and Diversity Leadership, Gallup Organization.

March 2002: "Portraits of Survival: Faces of Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors."
Nobuko Oyabu, photojournalist Omaha World-Herald, Omaha, Nebraska.

November 2001: "Global Development: Women and Leadership in Post-Apartheid South Africa."
Dr. Flick Asvat of the Burgado Edutrade Program at the Carter School of Alexandra, South Africa. Sponsored by CELAC, Department of Women's Studies, and Africana Studies.

October 2001: "Mentality, Choice and Democratic Development: Women's Leadership in Asia."
Dr. Judith A. Gillespie, Professor of Political Science at University at Albany.

December 2000: "When the Subject is Difference: Research & Race in New Zealand."
Professor Ruth Schick, 2000 IROW Visiting Fellow.

October 2000: "Pathologizing Sex: Jiating Baofa and the Regulation of Young Male Sexuality in Early Republican China."
Professor Vivien Ng, Dept. of Women's Studies, University at Albany, presents her research on the social construction of "youth" (qingnian) and young male sexuality in China in the 1920s.

February 2000: "Raped, Mutilated and Displayed: The Black Female Victim in Native Son and in American Life."
Prof. Frankie Bailey, School of Criminal Justice, University at Albany.

December 1999: "Silences and Parodies: East-West Feminist Dialogue."
Dr. Ralitsa Emilova Muharska, 1999-2002 IROW Scholar in Residence.

April 1999: "Gender Policy in a Transforming Society: South Africa an Evolving Case Study."
Dr. Ellen Kornegay, Pretoria, South Africa.

November 1998: "Economic Development: The Implications for South African Women."
Lecture by Dr. Shirley Jones, Distinguished Professor of Social Welfare, University at Albany.

November 1998: "Gender Politics in the New South Africa."
Lecture by Dr. Iris Berger, Professor of History and Women's Studies, University at Albany

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IROW Film Series

Fall 2004: "Why History Matters." (Details)
Fall 2003: "Asylum & Exile."

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Colloquia, Conferences & Workshops

IROW has sponsored or co-sponsored recent conferences on Building Women Leaders in the 21st Century (2002), Encuentro Feminista: Defining a Research and Teaching Agenda for the New Millenium (1998), Encuentro Feminista: Defining a research and Teaching Agenda for the New Millenium (1998), Cross-Cultural Approaches to Curriculum Transformation (1997), Gender Research in global Perspective (1997), Internationalizing Women's Studies (1996), Workshop on Global Women's History (1995), and Women in Global Economy (1994). Curriculum development workshops include Integrating Class, Race, and Gender into the Curriculum and Research (1991).

November 6, 2003. Mallika Dutt, "Building Human Rights Culture." A multimedia presentation.

March 28, 2003. Co-sponsored "The 1994 Genocide in Rwanda: Who Will Speak for the Women?"
Speaker: Eugenie Mukeshimana, Survivor of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda.

February 21, 2003. Co-sponsored Women's Studies Colloquium.
"Justice, Or Just Us? Affirmative Action, Diversity, and the World Community." A Roundtable Discussion.

May 2001: "Threads of Scholarship: History and Storytelling in African American Quilts."
An Exhibit and Symposium linking the historical journey of African Americans in society to their journey in the scholarly process. For more information, visit: https://www.albany.edu/~dlafonde/women/threads.htm.

April 1998: "Encuentro Feminista: Defining a Research and Teaching Agenda for the New Millennium."

June 1997: “Gender Research in Global Perspective” and “Cross-Cultural Approaches to Curriculum Transformation.” For more information, visit "Projects" page.

June 1996: “Gender in International Perspective: Cross-Cultural Approaches to Research and Teaching.”

March 1995: “Workshop on Global Women’s History.”
The latest scholarship on women from an international perspective and discussion of future research agendas were the foci of this workshop. Conference chair: Dr. Iris Berger.

April 1994: “Women in the Global Economy: Making Connections.”
Conference explored experiences of working-class women, past and present, in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States. Conference chair: Dr. Iris Berger.

Spring 1993: Sponsored with the Office of Affirmative Action a lecture series and teaching day on Violence Against Women.

Spring 1992: “Gender, War and the Revolution.”

May 1992: “Women in Working-Class History Across Global Lines”

Fall 1992: “Gender, Space and Place.” Co-sponsored with the University’s Lewis Mumford Center and the Albany Roundtable

1992: Co-sponsored a CELAC program, “Rediscovering America: Women in the Building of the New World”

1991-1992: IROW and CELAC fostered an exchange program with Puerto Rico, focusing on: “Redefining the American and Linguistic Canon,” and “Theoretical Perspectives on Feminism.”

June 1991: “Integrating Class, Race, and Gender into the Curriculum and Research.” Followed by a SUNY-wide three-day Faculty Development Seminar with a focus on scholarship about Puerto Rican Women
Hosted in collaboration with CELAC. Conference Co-Chairs: Dr. Christine E. Bose and Dr. Edna Acosta-Belén.

1991: NEH/ACLS Funding Workshops. Representatives from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Council of Learned Societies presented a funding workshop on how to write a successful proposal for each agency.

Spring 1990: “International Studies of Comparable Worth (Pay Equity).” Sponsored with the Center for Women in Government, University at Albany.

March 1989: “International Conference on Women and Development: Focus on Latin America and Africa.” (*Many of these conference papers appeared in the September 1990 special guest-edited issue of the journal Gender and Society.) Hosted in collaboration with CELAC. Conference Co-Chairs: Dr. Edna Acosta-Belén and Dr. Christine E. Bose.

1988-89: Hosted a series of workshops on how to obtain research and fellowship funding, bringing in speakers from National Council for Research on Women, the National Science Foundation, Social Science Research Council, National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute of Social and Economic Research.

1988: IROW sponsored two workshops on how and where to obtain grant funding for research on women, featuring speakers from National Council for Research on Women and the National Science Foundation.

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Visiting Scholars Program

With the Departments of French Studies, Women's Studies, Sociology, History, and the Russian and East European Studies Program, IROW has hosted or co-sponsored many visiting scholars and lecturers from such areas as Cameroon, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, India, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and the United States. Some of our visiting scholars include:

2000: Ruth Schick, Visiting Scholar from New Zealand. Professor at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

1999-2002: Ralita Emilova Muharska, Professor of English and American Studies at Sofia University and author of various books, including "The Silence of Women in W. Faulkner's Snopes Trilogy."

1999-2000: Ana Escalante, Visiting Professor from the University of Costa Rica. Professor of Anthropology and Sociology.

Fall 1996: Irina Urmina, President of the Charitable Women's Foundation for Disabled Children, Lecturer at the State Academy for Management, Moscow, USIA Research Fellow in Contemporary Issues and part of the Regional Schoar Exchange Program, sponsored by the Russian and East European Studies Program.
Field: Focus on women's leadership and management in the Russian nonprofit sector and non-governmental organizations.

Spring 1996: Olga Kourpil, professor in the Department of English, Franko State University of L'viv, Ukraine, U.S. Agency Fellow in Contemporary Issues and part of the Regional Scholar Exchange Program administered by through IREX (International Researchand Exchanges Board).
Field: The study of women's roles in professional organizations and special interests groups.

1995-1996: Jeanne Ngoh Dingome, Senior Lecturer at he University of Douala, Cameroon, head of the Department of Bilingual Studies, Fulbright scholar, hosted by IROW and French Studies Department.
Field: Francophone women playwrights.

Spring 1994: Irina Novikova, Associate Professor in the Department of English at the university of Latvia, Fulbright scholar, hosted by IROW and Women's Studies.
Field: Focus on African American, Native American, and Latina literature in the context of feminist and women's movements, feminist theory, and feminist literary criticism

1993-1994: Nalova Lyonga, Senior Lecturer in the Department of African Literature, University of Buea, Cameroon, Fulbright scholar, jointly sponsored by IROW and French Studies.
Field: The representation of "traditional women" in contemporary African literature; research on African women and feminist theories.

1990-1992: Meera Nanda, Visiting Research Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from India Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India.
Field: Worked with IROW and CELAC on issues relating to economic development, agricultural science & technology and changing gender relations in Third World countries.

1989-90: Anita Rapone, Visiting Research Associate Professor, History Department, SUNY Plattsburg.
Field: Research on women and clerical work in the Capital District in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Spring 1989: Nicholasa Mohr, Visiting Puerto Rican Writer, sponsored by LACS and the New York State Writers Institute.
Field: taught a course at the University at Albany entitled “The Hispanic Literary Experience in the United States.”

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