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Christine E. Bose

Our Institute for Research on Women is now midway into its second year of operation, and our fifty faculty associates continues to be engaged in a diversity of research activities.

Promoting and facilitating this research and scholarship on women remains IROW's primary objective. During this academic year, we are continuing our successful series of workshops on how to obtain research and fellowship funding. On February 2, 1989 Linda Spoerl, a program officer for the National Endowment for the Humanities, will discuss NEH opportunities. Other workshops in this series will include grant sources for graduate student dissertation research to be held on January 24, funding research on or by racial ethnic minorities, and information about online databanks for research on women. All of these workshops are made possible with monies from a University at Albany Affirmative Action Grant received by IROW.

IROW is also encouraging the generating of grant funds in two other ways. First, we are pleased that several of our faculty associates who submitted grants have in cluded IROW as one of the grant's sponsoring units. Second, IROW executive board members are developing a proposal for a USIA University Linkage grant between the University at Albany, the Programa Interdisciplinario de Estudios de la Mujer at El Colegio de Mexico, and the Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos in Mexico City, thus continuing our international focus.

This latter proposal is an example of IROW's goal to establish linkages and explore collaborations with women's research centers in the United States and internationally. In this vein, I am pleased to announce that in June 1988 IROW was accepted as a member of the National Council for Research on Women. Our attendance at the council meeting in Washington, D.C. in June 1989 and inclusion in their newsletter will be effective ways for maintaining linkages with other U.S. research centers.

The "International Conference on Women and Development" which we are sponsoring with the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies on March 3 and 4, 1989 is IROW's major endeavor this academic year. The conference will bring together Latin American and African researchers with those from the United States to discuss issues of economic development as they affect women. A special session will also report on the status of women's studies and women's research institutes in Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and parts of Africa. We are already receiving many inquiries about the event, and you can find further details on the conference elsewhere in this newsletter.

Finally, we are beginning to develop a service to read draft grant proposals written by our IROW colleagues and to provide helpful comments which could increase chances of funding.

We are pleased with IROW's progress to date, and look forward to increasing interest and involvement from our faculty.

Volume I, No. 2
February 1989

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