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Iris Berger

New ideas and energy emerged from the Patroon Lounge on October 28, when IROW hosted a reception and brainstorming session for old and new Associates. As people spoke of their interests, they sparked ideas for collaborative research projects, conferences, grant proposals, and technological innovations.

As part of IROW's effort at internal restructuring this year, the meeting generated suggestions for working groups in such varied areas as internationalizing the women's studies curriculum, women's health, conversations linking the campus and the community, sexual harassment of graduate students, and leadership, race, and public policy. These groups, and others in process of formation, represent an effort to promote new joint projects among IROW Associates in order to foster connections across disciplinary lines and across colleges. A major part of IROW resources will go toward providing seed money for proposals that emerge from these working groups.

Closely connected with the international initiatives noted above are other projects, both new and ongoing. Work continues on editing the papers from last spring's conference, "Women in the Global Economy: Making Connections" (see photos on p.2) and on compiling a volume of syllabi covering global perspectives on women's issues. In addition, an open workshop scheduled for Saturday, March 11, will bring together a small, nationally prominent group of scholars working on the history of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East to discuss new directions in global women's history. All IROW Associates and interested faculty from other Capital District institutions will be invited to attend.

New on the agenda is an exciting joint grant proposal with the Center for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Center for the Arts and Humanities on "Internationalizing Women's Studies: Crosscultural Approaches to Gender Research and Teaching." The project will intensify contacts between the University and women's studies scholars in Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe and will create new links among IROW Associates with diverse regional interests.

An additional benefit of the October 28 gathering was the opportunity to welcome two new IROW Associates. Nadieszda Kizenki, a new member of the history department, is a Russian historian who will enhance IROW's expertise on Russian and Eastern European women's issues. Already working on IROW projects is Kathy Turek of Computing Services, co-author with Judith Hudson of Electronic Access to Research on Women: A Short Guide. Kathy has generously offered her technological expertise to support IROW operations and varied IROW projects.

Finally, I also want to extend a warm welcome to our new secretary, Linda Schroll, whom we share with the Women's Studies Department. I also wish to thank Kathy Trent for compiling the news of IROW Associates and Bob Frost for his usual creative graphics.

Volume VI, No. 2
December 1994

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