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Office of Institutional Research

UAlbany Campus Climate Surveys

**Surveys Closed on Monday, November 24th, 2008**

All students have been sent survey invitations and reminders on their UAlbany e-mail accounts on October 28th and November 3rd or 5th. Faculty and staff have been sent invitations on November 5th and will be sent reminders on November 10th or 12th. If these e-mails are not in your inbox, you might be able to find them in your junk mail or spam folders. If you can't find the e-mails, or you do not have an active UAlbany account, and still would like to take the survey, you can access it by clicking on the appropriate survey link below and folloing the log-in instructions below:

Undergraduate Survey Login

Graduate Survey Login

Faculty Survey Login

Staff Survey Login

Login Instructions:

  • Enter your 9-digit UAlbany ID under "login."
  • Leave the "password" field blank.
  • Click on the "OK" button.

    "What is my UAlbany ID?" Your UAlbany ID is the one that starts with three or four zeroes; if you do not know it, you can look it up in MyUAlbany. Click on "Demographic Data" under "Other Important Links" on the left hand side of the screen. Your ID number will be near the top of your screen.

    "If the survey is anonymous, why did the e-mail have my name and why do I need to log in?" Log-in is required to ensure the validity of the survey data. The online system we use to host the surveys keeps log-in information in an entirely separate data set from the survey response data. It is impossible to match the two data sets. Neither your ID number nor any other identifying information will be included in the survey data set. In this way, we ensure that your survey responses are both valid and completely anonymous.

    Again, there are two entirely separate databases: the first does have names, IDs and e-mail addresses and is used exclusively for delivering the invitation and reminder e-mails and tracking responses (so that we only send reminders to people who haven't finished yet). This first database does not have any survey responses on it. This is done so that only UAlbany students, faculty and staff can take the survey, and so that no one can take it more than once. When you take the survey, your responses are stored on an entirely separate database. No identifying information at all is stored on the database that contains the survey responses -- no name, no ID, no e-mail address. Not only that, there is no other possible way of linking the two databases.

    For more information about this survey, or to see a list of other recent or upcoming surveys, click here. A copy of the IRB approval is available here.


    Why We Conduct Surveys

    The University at Albany conducts a number of surveys of its students, faculty, staff and alumni as part of its ongoing process of assessing our performance, and identifying areas of institutional strength as well as areas which require additional attention or policy change. These range from comprehensive assessment surveys of the undergraduate or graduate student experience, to quick, short surveys on a particular topic (for example, most recently the NY-Alert system survey in October, 2008).


    If you have any questions or concerns about surveys at UAlbany, please contact Joel Bloom, IRPE's Associate Director for Survey Research.





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