Course Planning Materials

The data and information available on this page are tools to assist department chairs in ensuring that UAlbany's students have available to them the courses they need to meet their major curriculum and General Education requirements.

The primary impetus for data-driven course planning is to improve student satisfaction with the undergraduate experience, their success, and their academic progress toward graduation.

Historical course offerings and enrollments broken down by department and instructor.
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IRPE reports available through the secure
IRPE Wiki (Login is required)

IRPE WIKI - Reports available on UAlbany secure site.
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Leaves IRPE Website. 

Student Progress reports, program level, which break
down General Education requirements needed -
aggregated by major.

2008 UAD reports derived from the DARS system. (PDF)

Departmental Undergraduate Enrollments distribution
by class year and admit type (frosh versus transfer) -
by majors and minors within departments.

IRPE enrollments,
Fall 2011 (Excel)

Retention, Graduation, Attrition - Junior Progress Report
Rising Juniors rates of remained or graduated from same major.  IRPE historical data: All-UAlbany report, plus one for those admited as Freshmen , and one for those admitted as Transfers.

Uses fall 2003, 2004 and 2005 cohorts. (Report date: 8/26/2011)

Major Academic Pathways (MAPs) that present
suggested course sequences for students to follow -
by major

Developed by the Advisement Services Center in consultation with academic programs. (PDF)

Course Scheduling Guidelines (Draft) to assist
chairs managing the complex process of
developing effective course schedules which consider all programs with regard to facility, and day/time considerations.

Best practice principles for course scheduling developed by the Provost's Course Availability Taskforce. (PDF)