Common Data Set 2019-2020
The Common Data Set (CDS) is the product of the Common Data Set Initiative. Developed by a community collaboration among universities, publishers of college guides, high school counselors, and the National Center for Education Statistics, many of the items in the Common Data Set are used on surveys of major college-data publishers. The goal of the CDS is to promote voluntary accountability efforts and to provide accurate standardized data and rankings to prospective students and their families. The survey sections are accessed using the following menu.
A. General Information
B. Enrollment and Persistence
C. First-Time, First-Year (Freshman) Admission
D. Transfer Admission
E. Academic Offerings and Policies
F. Student Life
G. Annual Expenses
H. Financial Aid
I. Instructional Faculty and Class Size
J. Degrees Conferred
Common Data Set Definitions
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