A.  General Information
A1 Address Information  
A1 Name of College/University: University at Albany - SUNY
A1 Mailing Address: 1400 Washington Avenue
A1      City/State/Zip/Country: Albany, NY 12222
A1 Street Address (if different):  
A1      City/State/Zip/Country:  
A1 Main Phone Number: (518) 442-3300
A1 WWW Home Page Address: http://albany.edu
A1 Admissions Phone Number: (518) 442-5435
A1 Admissions Toll-Free Phone Number:  
A1 Admissions Office Mailing Address: University at Albany, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, University Hall, 1400 Washington Avenue
A1      City/State/Zip/Country: Albany, NY 12222
A1 Admissions Fax Number: (518) 442-5383
A1 Admissions E-mail Address: ugadmissions@albany.edu
A1 If there is a separate URL for your school’s online application, please specify: ______________ https://www.albany.edu/admissions/step.php 
A1 If you have a mailing address other than the above to which applications should be sent, please provide: 
A2 Source of institutional control (Check only one):
A2 Public X
A2 Private (nonprofit)  
A2 Proprietary  
A3 Classify your undergraduate institution:
A3 Coeducational college X
A3 Men's college  
A3 Women's college  
A4 Academic year calendar:
A4 Semester X
A4 Quarter  
A4 Trimester  
A4 4-1-4  
A4 Continuous  
A4 Differs by program (describe):  
A4 Other (describe):  
A5 Degrees offered by your institution:
A5 Certificate  
A5 Diploma  
A5 Associate  
A5 Transfer Associate  
A5 Terminal Associate  
A5 Bachelor's X
A5 Postbachelor's certificate X
A5 Master's X
A5 Post-master's certificate X
A5 Doctoral degree
A5 Doctoral degree –
professional practice
A5 Doctoral degree -- other  

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Section A : General Information

Section B : Enrollment and Persistence

Section C : First Time, First Year (Freshman) Admission

Section D : Transfer Admission

Section E : Academic Offerings and Policies

Section F :  Student Life

Section G : Annual Expenses

Section H : Financial Aid

Section  I :  Instructional Faculty and Class Size

Section  J : Degrees Conferred