High-Resolution RBS (HIRRBS)

RBS analysis with an energy resolution of 3-to-4 KeV FWHM

The Albany high-resolution magnetic spectrometer RBS facility is completing phase 2 of development, with normal and high-resolution spectra available simultaneously.  It provides RBS analysis with an energy resolution of 3-to-4 KeV FWHM, which is three to four times better than the most careful conventional RBS.

Due to the limiting effects of energy straggle within any solid material, extra high resolution RBS is most advantageous for thin films within a few hundred angstroms of the surface. 

Call for samples: The high-resolution of this facility translates into better mass and depth resolution in RBS or other methods of ion beam analysis. A sample application is given briefly below. The purpose of this notice is to encourage users with analytical problems that would benefit from high-resolution ion beam analysis to contact us.

Contact:Users may contact the Assistant Director for training in use of the HIRRBS system.

Example: High-resolution RBS (HIRRBS) study of iron and nickel components within a film.
The green curve is the conventional RBS spectrum from a surface-barrier detector.  The black curve is the simultaneous measurement from the HIRRBS spectrometer and the red curve is a RUMP fit of the HIRRBS spectrum. The film was 44 angstroms thick.  Resolution measured with RUMP is 3.5 keV FWHM.  Alpha ion beam energy was 3.0 MeV.