Analyzing 450 MM wafers

As silicon wafers grow in diameter, new methods need to be developed to handle the larger wafers. When the Global 450 Consortium required RBS analysis on uncut 450 MM wafers, The University At Albany's Ion Beam Laboratory provided the chamber to handle the task.

RBS on 450MM wafer

RBS with better than 100 angstroms resolution!

The Albany HIRRBS system is at its best for analyzing films below 100 angstroms thickness. System energy resolution is approximately 3 keV, while the best conventional techniques achieve no better than 10 keV. A typical example is shown in the link listed below.

Analysts are invited to try this capability.
For details, go to High-Resolution RBS Announcement.


Characterization method to analyze transistor components
at the sub-nanometer level
CNSE graduate student Lakshmanan Vanamurthy and professors Mengbing Huang and Hassaram Bakhru, in collaboration with researchers at IBM, outline novel characterization method to analyze transistor components at the sub-nanometer level.


Improved sapphire fibers raise prospects for harsh-environment-sensing
A new method that uses ion implantation and annealing developed by researchers at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at the University at Albany–SUNY (Albany, NY) is dramatically raising the prospects for using sapphire fibers as photonic sensing devices in harsh environments..